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A Simple Evening Walk

The more time I spend with my children, the more I realize that it is the simplest things that truly make them happy. I took an early evening walk outside in the beautiful, fresh, crisp air; alone with my girlie. We chatted about everything and nothing. It was all of ten minutes out of my time and she couldn't be happier. She told everyone that she took a walk with mom. So often the things I think I am doing for their benefit actually end up being for my own. The color of the sky on this particular evening was breathtaking and time with my girl was pure magic.

A Glance At An Art Gallery

I recently took the kids to a local art gallery. I asked them to each find a painting that they liked and to tell me how the painting made them feel. This task was so enjoyable for my two little ones. My girlie found a purple painting of the sea, she liked it because it was her favourite colour and it made her feel happy. Tyler found a painting of a colourful open field. He said he liked it because it had all their favorite colours in it, purple and it made him feel free and like running. Wow! I loved that.


Brooklyn paced up and down, he just could not find a painting that made him feel anything or one that he liked. He said the only thing he likes is soccer and if it isn’t a painting of soccer he wouldn’t really like it. He said the paintings were all lovely but that he just didn’t like any of them. It was so interesting to me that this child is such a literal and focused thinker. He focuses and obsesses on his particular interest to the exclusion of almost everything else. This has varied over the years, but soccer is the most recent. It is his obsession. He plays with his club, has private coaching and plays for fun every single day four countless hours. If he isn’t playing, he’s reading, researching or watching it on TV.


He was so apologetic leaving the art gallery having felt that he had failed at this task. I assured him that this was only his first time thinking in this way about art and that when we stretch our brains in new ways it sometimes takes a few tries. He was quite pleased with this and said we should find a gallery that had paintings of people playing soccer. That was funny and perhaps not really the point, nevertheless, it was a pleasant way to spend some time with the kids.


Then we were off to get canvases and paintbrushes to make our own art.

South African National Blood Service

This week the kids and I visited a South African National Blood Service Donor Centre. The kids are not old enough to be blood donors, but I think it is important to educate them now so that when they are of age they will, hopefully, become blood donors.

During our trip to the donor centre the kids not only learned about how blood is donated and collected, but they learned the why of donation. They learned how making a difference in this simple way; that by giving away something you have in abundance and at no cost to you, can save lives. One donation can save 3 lives. I hope that this trip further instils the importance of a charitable spirit.

The kids were so excited to be at the centre and each time someone came in to donate blood they shouted ‘Look another hero!”

The staff at the centre and the donors were so gracious allowing these inquisitive kids to really get close up and check it all out.

On the drive home the kids were so excited and had so many questions. I trust that this experience had a positve effect on them and really gave them a good few things to think about.

A Trip to the Public Library

This week we visited a public library. I explained the concept of a library card, checking out books and going to the library to read, study or research. They were, of course, familiar with all of the concepts; but had never really spent much time in a public library.

They were excited to see one of their friends there who was getting a library card because he wanted a quiet place to do his homework. They really enjoyed checking out the different books on the shelves and seeing the librarian walking around.

However, they decided that while a library was a great place to do homework or read, it wasn’t really the place for them. They said that they much preferred the comforts of home.

I really wanted them to fall in love with the public library, as I had as a child, but realized that in these different times perhaps researching from the comfort of your own home, with everything you need at your finger tips, is a more attractive offer. They left the library with a greater appreciation for their home, I PADS and Wifi at home. Not exactly the lesson I had expected them to learn, but I was open to it.  I will keep on looking for public libraries for them to explore as I am not quite ready to give up on this idea just yet. 





Johannesburg, South Africa

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