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Road Trip Essentials

Must haves: 

iPad/devices, holders and head phones

The kids love to play on their devices on the long road or watch to movies. The device is kept in position and clipped on the back of the head rest. The head phones enable each child to listen to their own devices without disturbing anyone else. I dont use the little ear pods because they usually fall out of little ears. The device holders are from the I Store and the head phones are from Game.

Snack packs

This is a new idea, we'll see how it works out. We decided to make a snack pack for each child. This is in an effort to get the kids to eat some healthy snacks on the road. I got these storage boxes from Store n More, we can use them for storage boxes for the kids later on.

Back packs

These bags will be filled with toys, books, colours, really anything the kids want to bring with to entertain themselves. I got these bags from Pep

Make it cozy

Neck pillows and fuzzy blankets are a must. The kids love being snuggled up

 We are off to Durban on a family road trip this weekend, so here are my road trip essentials for young travellers:

Car games:

Scavenger Hunt or Backseat Bingo


Find the item on the list, pop a sticker on the picture. Once you find all the pictures you win or the person to find the most pictures wins.





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