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Bake It Yourself
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My kids love home baked treats, especially cookies. Sadly, my schedule has just not allowed me any free time to bake for them. Then I found an amazing little bake it yourself on line store, owned and run by two awesome ladies, which is just a bonus to support women-owned businesses. They have a wide range of products, but I just ordered their ready made cookie dough rolls: butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies and rainbow cookies. I ordered online and the dough was delivered to my door. 

popped them into my freezer and 'baked' for the kids later that day. We made the rainbow cookies first, they we so good we baked the next batch of butter cookies, then the next batch of chocolate chip cookies followed soon after. I really haven't had such yummy cookies in ages, they are even better than my own recipe, which is saying a lot (pats myself on the back). My only regret is that I only ordered three rolls.


Really affordable prices, amazing treatsdelivered to your door; a must have for sure!





Johannesburg, South Africa

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