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Sleep Training An Older Baby or Toddler

March 16, 2017


I have been quite proud of my sleep training techniques, which resulted in all of my kids sleeping through the night in their own room from three months old.


Alas, between enjoying a few extra cuddles and a December holiday with our little one in our bed, my little princess has officially become a co sleeper.


While there is noting wrong with co sleeping. My husband and I prefer doing other things in our bedroom.  All jokes aside, we all get a better night's sleep in our own rooms.


Following these simple techniques for at least two weeks will result in your little one sleeping through the night in their own room. 


This technique will require a solid commitment from you. The golden rule is to NEVER SLEEP OR LAY DOWN IN THE BED WITH YOUR LITTLE ONE. If they cry for you, which they will; try anything, even laying on the floor, but do not lay in bed with them. This will be extremely challenging at 2 am but well worth it.


Here's what you do. Firstly, introduce them to a nightly routine. A bath followed by choosing their pj's, then putting on their sleepy time music. It can be anything. All the while letting them know that they'll be going to sleep in their room like a big  kid at the end of the routine.


Next, tuck them in their bed or cot and take a seat. Literally. Put a chair in their room and have a seat. Let them know that you're right there next to them.


Now you will have to sit there until they fall asleep. They will wake up in the middle of the night and cry for you. I assure you this will happen. Here is where your will power has to kick in. It will be much easier to pick them up and bring them to your room or just tuck in with them in their bed, but resist. Take a seat and wait until they sleep. Then head to your room and repeat. They may cry two, three even our times for you in the night, but keep the faith.


The next few nights you will repeat the above procedure, but gradually move the chair further and further away from the bed until  the chair is completely out of the room and out of sight. At this stage you can assure them that you're on the chair by popping your head in if they moan every now and then.


Eventually you wont even have to wait until they fall asleep and you can simply place the chair at their door and tuck them in bed. They may still cry for you in the middle of the night at which time you go to their room or take them back to their room give them a cuddle and tuck them in and take a seat or go back to your room depending on their needs.


This process is extremely frustrating and but well worth it. After two weeks our princess is sleeping through the night in her own room once more.


Try it out and let me know what worked best for you. Add your own flair, but whatever you do, don’t forget the golden rule.



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