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November 1, 2017


The boys and I have been more sick than not recently, and have really been struggling with sinus and our chests. This got me thinking back to all the little tricks I used to have that kept my household in tip top allergy/sinus/asthma free shape.


My boy has been out of hospital for four years now and I thank God that his chest is finally getting stronger and that all our sacrifices and efforts have paid off. From homeschooling to creating an allergy, trigger free environment at home, he is finally in great health. So here is my Must Do List for allergy/sinus and asthma sufferers, it really has helped everyone in our family:


  1. No Smoking Policy

 Statistics show that children will be more likely to outgrow their asthma and allergies if both parents do not smoke. Smoke is also a huge trigger.


2. No Carpets or Rugs

Carpets and rugs trap dirt and dust and can adversely affect breathing.


3. No Harsh Chemicals

I only use bleach diluted in water, very diluted detol floor cleaner mixture and sunlight soap to clean my home. This has been really impactful for those who have sinus troubles as we are no longer using those harsh, stong scented chemicals.


4. No Perfume

I wear no perfume at all, ever.


5. No flowers in the home or in our garden


6. No Pets


7. No Fragrances

This means no fragrant soaps, candles,or lotions.


8. I use organic shampoo, conditioner and body washes for the kids, being careful that they are not too fragrant.


9. A Daily Nasal Spray

This flushes out the sinuses.


10. A Daily Non Sedating Antihistamine


Here is a list of the things I have tried that absolutely do not work, save your time and money:


Salt lamps

Placing a few cut and peeled onions on the bedside table where your child sleep

Humidifier- this is a case by case basis as some people really find that it helps, however, with my boy the humidity causes him to wheeze and it also breeds mold. 


All the best......

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