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The End of the Rainbow

September 10, 2018


Home schooling my children has been one of the most extraordinary and fulfilling experiences of my life. It has been a privilege to grow their minds and spirits. I will always treasure having witnessed their growth and to have been a real part of their journey. I will be forever grateful. A few months ago my Big Boy asked me if it would be possible for him to attend a different school. He detailed all the many reasons why he loves home school and my teaching, but that he had “outgrown the environment.” At this point he was much more the responsible, mature adult than I; reassuring me all the way. He has grown so beautifully, right before my very eyes. Now as a 10 year old boy, he is ready to start this new adventure.  


Letting go of my boy was such a challenging experience for so many reasons. Not only had this child been home with me for 10 years, he was the reason for it all. The reason we are homeschoolers and the reason I “gave up” my career was first and foremost for this boy. I questioned if he would be ok, would he be able to cope, would his health permit, would he be able to adjust, learn and grow as he had in our environment. Most of all would be able to retain that special magic; his precious, innocent and wonder filled view of the world and that incredible heart. I will continue to pray that on his school journey he will always be encouraged, and strong enough, to be exactly who he is.


As I predicted the other little ones are so very excited to follow along in their big brother’s footsteps. So they should be, it is a natural and beautiful progression. The fact that they want to explore and experience new situations, with no fear, is the very thing I wanted them to learn while they were here with me. I am so blessed that their foundation was at home; set in love and all the magic of childhood. Next year they will be on their way to join their big brother at 'big school.'


I will consider our home schooling a success if they leave filled with a love, passion and curiosity about learning. At the very least I hope they embark on their new journeys outside of our home knowing that they can make every difference in the world, that they are pure magic and pure love exactly as they are. I still can't believe this is our last year of home school but I am so grateful that we have found a wonderful school for our children.


It has been so amazing to watch our Big Boy enter his new school environment with so much excitement, confidence and only with positive expectation of what school will be. I am so overwhelmed with pride, to watch him take it all in; what a shock it must have been after 10 years at home, but he hasn’t missed a beat. My heart is overflowing with pride. It is the small things, like watching him greet his teachers and friends with a smile while walking up the stairs to his classroom every day; that fill me with so many emotions. I thank God that we are at this new place. He is healthy. He is happy. He is my hero.  


I read a quote that says all we get are 18 summers with our children. Today it really hit home, all we have are these fleeting moments. It makes me appreciate these last few months of home schooling. It’s only once you’re at the end that you realize how fast it went, I guess that’s why we need to enjoy every moment. These little fleeting moments. These 18 sticky, messy, laughter filled, sleep deprived, glorious summers.




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July 13, 2020

June 26, 2020

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