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Miracles Do Happen- Guest MommaBlogga Natalie Bawa

December 14, 2018

I'm just and ordinary girl in an ordinary world, serving an extraordinary God.

Thank you to MommaBlogga for this opportunity to share a bit of my story/ testimony with you. I am in awe of the blessings in my life.


After my husband and I had our first kid we truly felt blessed and were so smitten with her, we just could not imagine our lives without her. When she was three or four years old we decided to try for another kid. But no luck. We were told we could not have kids due to medical reasons. We were bummed about it but carried on, accepting that we would have our one precious angel. We enjoyed and doted over our only child for ten years.

So this year we decided that we would do a trip overseas so I needed to get my body into shape for this family trip. So like many of us women I was looking for an easy fix and got this diet seed that was supposed to get you thin in no time. Reading the warnings it said do not take when lactating or pregnant......Now keep in mind that my period was very irregular throughout the years, it would come and go as it pleased, but anyway I decided before I start taking the seed that I would just take a pregnancy test.

The test had two lines! One very dark and the other very faint. I got my bestie on the phone and sent her the pics of the test and she confirmed


what I couldn’t believe; it was positive. I still did not believe it. Afterall I had not been able to get pregnant since my daughter ten years earlier. I told her that it must be an imbalance of hormones. She suggested that we do blood tests the following day to make sure. I got the tests done in the morning, we then met up later that afternoon at the hospital for the test results. I let her read the results and BAM! Confirmation that I was pregnant. Still in denial I told her that there was definitely something wrong with my hormones, I mean years had gone by and this could not be true.

Hubby and I went for a scan to see what was happening as I was sure I was not pregnant. When saw the little bean and heard the heart beat we were filled with so many different emotions and realised that this was our miracle baby.

So to all you mommas out there facing any challenges in your life, when it feels like nothing is going right and there is no hope, remember that your miracle is on its way one way or another.




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