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February 8, 2019

I was very excited to breast feed my first born, but I didn’t produce one drop of milk. I tried everything and nothing worked. Many of my caring visitors would offer their advice and bring over different potions to help my production along. ‘You HAVE to breast feed, it is best for your baby.’ I felt so inadequate.

One of my loving visitors nicely told me, after I was so happy at how quickly my baby feel asleep in my arms, that it was good as that was all I could offer my baby; it was the only way I could comfort him because I wasn’t breast feeding him so it was all that he needed me for. Other family friends and visitors of my new baby, would be completed shocked that I wasn’t breast feeding but took comfort in the fact that ‘at least’ I had a natural delivery. So if I had a c section I would be even less of a mother? Who tells people that these things are ok to say? We all are on our own paths none of which are marked out as the correct path to follow.

Breast feeding, natural birth, adoption,IVF, surrogacy....there are so many ways of embarking on this journey of motherhood. I hope this forum can help us express our differences as mothers and celebrate them! I will share more of my own story in posts to come and thank you to each #momma who has shared her story. Let’s keep growing and sharing, knowing we are amazing!



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July 13, 2020

June 26, 2020

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