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Mother Monster

May 31, 2019


This random Selfie I took this morning is the first time in about six months that I looked in the mirror and actually felt pretty.

I’ve been struggling since having fibroids, which have now been removed, with my hormone levels. I’ve looked a mess for two years now. I’ve had constant fever blisters, gained 10kgs, my skin has been horrendous, black circles under my eyes and brittle, dry hair. But today with a happy 1,2kgs down, no foundation on and a bit of shine in my hair I feel like I may be getting back to my Tateyness.

There are so many changes that we face physically, as women. It reminded me of this Sunday School story: God made a creature with many arms, many eyes and a strong back. This creature had to be built for the task. He would call it Mother. At the time I thought it was cruel to compare Mothers to what sounded like a monster, but I think it’s fitting. We are built to endure so much and how our bodies do it I’ll never know. So while I feel like I have looked like a monster, literally, the past two years, I’ve never been more grateful for this wonderful body that is woman, mother.

I do feel like I have many arms; to embrace my children, with my quick reflexes, and juggling many things in my hands at any given time. I have many eyes, keeping watch over my family and my back is strong and continues to grow in strength to be the support family needs.  

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July 13, 2020

June 26, 2020

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