The days are long, but the years are short.

As the kids get older I’m surprised at how they really have become their own little people; with their own lives, schedules and things they want to do. It seems quite obvious, I suppose, but I didn’t expect it would happen so quickly.  

I remember how I used to have to sneak off to the shop if I wanted to go alone and if I got caught there would be tears and tantrums. Little arms and hands would be wrapped around my legs begging me not to leave. These days I find myself begging and bribing the kids to join me at the shops, chocolate and soccer cards have become my currency. Time really does go by so fast. I am so grateful that I did, and do, cherish every moment with my three.  The important thing is to talk to your kids while they still value your opinions and, most of all, to enjoy them and spend time with them while they still want to spend time with you.