Take Your Shoes Off

Have you ever noticed how children always play barefoot?Have you witnessed the desperate need to rip their shoes off before they even attempt playing. In most cases play is just not possible with shoes on. I have found this to be true of almost all the children at the schools I have had the pleasure of teaching at and it is especially true of my children. My children have a strict no shoe policy here at home, winter or summer. In fact, I don’t even know if they have a pair of shoes that fit them at the moment as we’ve been home for over 100 days since lockdown began.

I have always believed that children have an unconscious knowledge and a deep knowing of the secrets of the universe that we, as adults, have long since forgotten. So I gathered that there must be more to this phenomenon of barefoot, happy, playful children running through the grass.

Walking barefoot on a natural surface, which is also called grounding or earthing, has scientifically been proven to improve overall health in children and adults alike. Rebalancing your energies and reconnecting with the Earth sounds like a good idea to me. Some of the benefits include:

Boosting energy levels

Regulating the nervous system

Decreasing anxiety and nervousness

Relieving muscle tension and headaches

Resetting the biological clock

Regulating sleep rhythms

Decreasing inflammation in the body

This is something to think about the next time you can’t sleep, are stressed, in a bad mood or suffering from a headache. It is definitely something to think about the next time you tell your children to put their shoes on.

Here's to many more barefoot days.