Happy New Year

What a year it was and what a year it will be! Well, the year that was saw me homeschooling and working as an advocate once again; while opening my own school seems to be on the back burner.

Homeschool is something quite different now, with a tween and a teenager and my littlest entering grade 1. I look forward to sharing curriculum updates, how I manage to teach all three and work, and whatever happens in between.

I pray it will be a year that we hold our loved ones closer and truly appreciate every moment. On that note, I forced my family to do a DIY photoshoot on our bed with a duvet inner and no cover, as I was very much behind on the washing, ironing and all the fun that this past Lockdown Edition festive season held.

We tried to recreate a few pictures from years before.

We also attempted this picture, but it didn't quite work.

The days are busy and blessed. Wishing you happiness and health this year.

Love, Tatum